Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Y'all, I'm clairvoyant

A few months ago, when Mom was first planning her trip, we talked about what all she was going to do on this fantastic vacation. One of the things she had planned was a hike up Mount Sinai. As I laid down in bed that night, I had a powerful vision of her being pushed on the trail up the mountain by a small, older Asian woman. I freaked out! I called her immediately and told her about the vision.

Small disclaimer here: I do occasionally have visions, but they only concern my mother. If you were thinking about asking me to look into your future, I'm sorry. If you're not my Momma, it just won't work.

I've had visions about mom in the past that have come true. She's asked me to tell her about all of my visions so she can decide if she's going to change her plans accordingly. She decided, based on my vision, to not climb Mount Sinai.

I finally got to see mom tonight and she told me about all of the cool things she saw and did. It turns out that you can climb some of the pyramids. One of the first days of the trip, her whole group climbed up one of these pyramids. (I'm not a very good blogger because I forgot to ask her which pyramid they climbed.) Her group was going up the path the way the trail guides showed them to go. There were people all around going the wrong way up the path and climbing straight up. And a small Asian woman (mom said Japanese though I forgot to ask how she knew that) started pushing people out of the way and trying to force them off the path so her husband could take her picture from below. One woman in mom's group even got pushed all the way down and broke her finger! The armed guide with mom's group saw the commotion and walked over to mom and her friends and the pushy woman melded into the background.

Mom still didn't climb Mount Sinai.

And I am totally freaked out now by my psychic abilities. I'm concentrating on lottery numbers now. I'll let y'all know how that one goes!


  1. Whoa, good lookin' out for your momma!

    That's really amazing. I wish I had that ability for someone in my life. I wouldn't be picky...it could be anyone. Unless, it was my postman. Then, maybe I wouldn't be so happy. =)

  2. I was glad to have your insight. It saved me from getting seriously injured. I tucked down when the hands started swinging. Mom

  3. Amazing...I sometimes have premonitions but I only realize way later that it happened. I should pay more attention

    And if you figure that number thing out, you know how to reach me

  4. @Vapid Blonde, I've had premonitions sporadically too, but I've never acted on them before. My mother had surgery a year ago and I had a premonition about her reovery that I didn't tell her but which actually happened. Mother made me promise not to hide any more premonitions from her after that. I really told her with the hopes that nothing would happen.

    But if I figure out the numbers, I'll come find you!