Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Poor, poor Tooth Fairy!!

I've never really worried about my munchkins being "normal", but there are some things I thought were universal. Like loose teeth for instance. I didn't think there was ever a child who had a loose tooth and didn't mess with it for days before it finally fell out. I was pretty sure there was a law somewhere about fiddling with loose teeth.

And then there was Logan.

I have been checking their teeth for a year and a half, waiting for their first loose tooth. Yes, I am anal like that. Maybe I was more excited about them loosing teeth than they were. I explained to them that their teeth would fall out and new ones would grow back in their place. Shouldn't that be fascinating to a little boy?? Mine showed mild interest to placate me.

So a few weeks ago, Logan's first tooth fell out. We were getting ready to go to swimming lessons and I was trying to usher the boys out the door. Logan was ignoring me and holding a towel to his mouth. I demanded to know what he was doing and he showed me the blood on the towel. He had never noticed his tooth being loose until the tooth literally fell out in his hand.

Several weeks later, at a previously scheduled dentist appointment, we had x-rays taken of their teeth and Logan was going to lose a second tooth within a couple of weeks. I want to stress that I did not take my kids to the dentist to get x-rays just to see when their teeth were going to fall out. The appointment was scheduled six monthes ago at their last appointment. I'm a freak, but I'm not going to get my kids x-rayed to find out when they're going to lose a couple of teeth. Trip's first tooth will be a few more months!

Since Logan's second tooth was so close to falling out, I asked him every few days if the tooth was loose. He'd claim ignorance, refuse to let me check, acquiesce finally and let me check only for the tooth to not be loose.

And then finally, we were out eatng Mexican food one night. Logan was going to eat nachos, so I asked him about the tooth. The tooth was hanging on by the smallest piece of tissue. I couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it before then. Big Daddy Awesome and I then proceeded to tell Logan every three minutes to make sure he didn't swallow the tooth. Can you guess what happened? If you guessed he swallowed the tooth, you would be absolutely right!

How do you not feel the tooth leave your gums? How do you not notice a tooth while you are chewing your food? Does he chew his food?

Being the slightly disturbed mother I am, I told him the Tooth Fairy was going to have to wait until he pooped out the tooth and then find the tooth in his poop before he could get any money from her. He believed me. Why wouldn't he? Mothers don't lie to their children about important things like the Tooth Fairy or tooth retrieval!

So we got home and I forgot about the tooth. Four days later, I finally remembered to leave a dollar under his pillow. I went to work the next morning before the sun broke over the horizon and assumed my munchkin would find his dollar. He didn't. I asked Big Daddy Awesome if Logan had found his tooth all day long. They were all at home. Apparently, the munchkins never made it back up to their bedroom. So, Logan found his dollar when I was putting him to bed that night.

He holds up his dollar in he air and says, "Look Mom! The tooth fairy ate the poop off of my tooth and gave me a dollar!"

You're welcome for the visual!

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