Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baseball and Wild Dogs

Last night, we took the munchkins to the Texas Rangers baseball game. We had an AMAZING time! It was the first time we made it through the whole game. Logan watched part of the game. Trip flirted with the two girls sitting behind us AND their mother AND the girl sitting halfway down the aisle! The boy is a ladies man, what can I say? We had hotdogs and nachoes and ballpark beer. The boys had ice cream sundaes. The Rangers tried to give up their lead in the ninth inning, but they finally pulled out the win by one run.

Then we drove home. It's a long drive and the boys fell asleep, as little boys often do. We finally got home. Ed went to the door and put something in the house. I was trying to get the boys to wake up and put on their shoes and walk into the house. They're heavy! You would make them walk too!

And then....

It was straight out of a horror story!!

Ed starts yelling at me that there's a wild dog in the road and to get the boys in the house! My arms are already full with all of the baggage from the car. I grab Logan (who, Oh My God!, weighs in at 50 lbs!!!) and sprint to the door.


I fumble through my purse, trying desperately to find my keys. Everything in my purse ends up on the steps to the door. I finally found the keys, opened the door, and threw Logan in the house. I turned and threw Trip in the house.


And there was no wild dog in sight.

And our dogs were in the back yard and calm.

But I felt like I was in a Hollywood horror movie!!!

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