Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pina Colada Popsicles

Every once in a while, living with twin boys means there will be a meltdown at my house by one boy or the other. There will be tears and yelling or screaming, possibly a brother being hit. They're boys, hits happen. If the boys happen to stay up for any length of time after their normal bedtime, at least one of these meltdowns will occur and there will be especially dramatic screaming and crying. One such meltdown occurred just the other night.

It was just me and the boys at home, so I let them stay up late to finish watching a movie. Logan decided he needed a popsicle about halfway through the movie, so he brought me one that was in the freezer.

"You know these are Daddy's popsicles, right?"

"Yes, Momma."

The dirty rascal knows I'm sucker for being called Momma. His twang helps his cause. He bats his eyelashes at me and knows I'm going to let him have it.

That part of the evening was uneventful. Then the movie ended. Then my little demon Trip decided that he could not go to sleep without a popsicle.

Please Momma!

Ok, fine. But you have to take actual bites out of it, not just licks.

He looks at me and bats his eyelashes and knows he can do whatever he wants.

Then the meltdown happened. Logan wanted another popsicle. As lenient as I can be with their diet, I do limit their sweets, and as this particular delicacy has 400 calories per serving, I was not going to budge.

Tears ensued. My poor little boy sat down behind the far side of the couch and threw a fit. Screaming, begging, pleading for just one more popsicle. Unfortunately for Logan, he tickled my funny bone. I started laughing and could not stop. I was doubled over, clutching my sides, laughing with tears streaming down my face at my poor boys plight. This made Logie scream more. He could not understand why his momma was laughing at him. The poor boy. Momma is an ICU nurse and that comes with a sick sense of humor.

I did finally scoop him up and take him upstairs to bed, promising him more popsicles the next day.

The lineup:

One can cream of coconut (I think it's an 8 oz can, found with the adult beverage mixes)
Two 6 oz cans pineapple juice.

The cream of coconut will be separated when you open the can. Empty the cream of coconut into a measuring glass, scraping all of the delectable coconut out of the can. Microwave for about 20 seconds to melt the milky goodness. Stir to incorporate. Add in the pineapple juice and stir well. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for at least 8 hours. If you try to take these out of the molds early, the sticks will slide out and you'll be scooping the popsicle out with a spoon.


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