Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boys at Christmas

I told the boys that I needed to take some pictures of them for a present for one of my many aunts today and, naturally, they objected to having their picture taken. I asked them how they would like to have their picture taken and Trip said, "with crazy faces," and Logan said, "in the dirt." It was early in the day and I had yet to turn into a crappy monster mother, so I said, "let's go."

Practice picture. Still cute.

Having fun.

Very obviously my child.

Still my kid.

Drumrolllll,.......My kid is really named Damien. It's because my mother watched Rosemary's Baby way too many times when I was a kid. You're welcome, Mom, for the devil grandkid.


  1. Logan has an introspective look about him. You don't really know what he is thinking about in that picture. Mom

  2. Mom, he's really thinking about how he can take over the world with his eviltude. It's your fault too. :)