Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I need to apologize in advance for the title of this entry because it is not as innocuous as it sounds.

Now I need to apologize because the story is not quite that gross.

The munchkins are in swim lessons now. Finally. Ok, yes, I am a negligent mother. They are 5 1/2 years old, practically ready to move out, and I've just now gotten them into swim lessons. But finally, finally, they are learning how to swim.

Before I really get into this story, think about all of the pools you've ever been in. Have you ever seen a kid get out of the water to go to the bathroom? Have you ever seen an adult get out of the water to go to the bathroom? You are not at church and confessions are not necessary.

So, munchkins, at the pool, swimming, being their usual charming selves. And over to the edge of the yard, there is a little, plastic kiddie pool. A little girl leaves the main pool and goes and sits in the pool and then gets back up and goes back into the main pool. A few minutes later, the girl's sister goes and sits on the edge of the plastic kiddie pool and very obviously relieves her bladder. All of the adult laugh at her. The wheels in Logan's head start to spin. Logan gets out of the big pool and walks over to the plastic pool. Logan stands at the edge of the pool, drops his trousers and relieves himself.

What can I say? The boy is smart. He didn't want to sit in a pool full of urine or even get his feet in the pool.

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