Sunday, August 29, 2010


The munchkins have finally made it to kindergarten!! They are still attending the same private school where they attended preschool and will have the same teachers they've had for the last 2 years, so we have added new responsibilities to their daily life to make this transition more momentous.

1. They have started getting an allowance!!

It's only $5.00 per week, but how much money does a 5 year old kid really need? They are earning this allowance by picking up their toys at night, taking their dishes to the sink every evening, and putting their clothes in the hamper at night. They've been doing most of these chores for a while, but we decided rewarding the partcipation in household chores would provide more incentive to do them.

My motivation for starting the munchkins with an allowance so soon is because I do not want to have teenagers who do not understand the value of money. My brother and I first received an allowance starting at age 5 and I turned out ok. (Love you J!)

2. They got their first alarm clocks!!

My Aunt Karen suggested this. (I am using her name, even without her permission, because I have no dirt on her.) My Aunt Karen had a girlfriend who gave her children an alarm clock before they started kindergarten and her kids learned how to wake up to an alarm clock very early.

My motivation here should be obvious. I do not want to be the snooze button for a couple of teenagers. Or college age boys living at home (Brother B!!).

3. We got them laced tennis shoes.

This one isn't going so well. Big Daddy Awesome and I both learned how to tie our shoes in kindergarten, so we decided they needed to learn how. This one requires patience on the part of the parents.

So far, the boys are standing up very well to their new challenges.

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