Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It moved!

Nurses are a superstitious lot and, having been a nurse for the last 9 years, I've heard alot of folklore. Nurses who have been nurses for a long time always have a story about a haunting at some hospital where had worked years ago and everyone listening always plays lip service, never questioning the veracity of the story teller. Until last week, nothing paranormal had ever happened to me.

The intensive care unit where I work is fairly large and open. All of the rooms can be seen from the nurses station. There had been a fairly traumatic and emotional death the night before, but being a fairly busy ICU, the bed got filled by another patient the next day. The new patient had a visitor who was a nun, which would not have been notable except that we almost never saw a nun visiting a patient. I don't think there are any nuns associated with the Catholic church in town.

And then it happened...

The bed started moving on it's own!! I actually witnessed this with my own eyes!! The nurse would put the bed flat and then, the bed would move back into an upright position. And then, even weirder, the bed did this all day long, BUT ONLY WHEN THE NUN WAS IN THE ROOM!!!!

And as for my reaction at the time.... I stayed near my patient's rooms, on the other side of the unit!

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